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Thread: What specs frame are u wearing?

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    Mine are LA Eyeworks, Yoji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake, all from Eye Place.

    I love Japanese frames because they looks and fits better on Asian faces, and is more suitable for our lower nose bridge.
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    Default Re: What specs frame are u wearing?

    Erm... Eye... Eye Place?

    Where is it located?

    Edit: Found the place, #01-06 Stamford House.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt
    how much u make ar? the transitions from oakley or the normal transitions?
    I think Transition lense refers to the company that makes them. As far as I know, Oakley does not have this kind of lenses. My Transition lense was made seperately. My Oakley specs was originally fitted with a dark tinted lenses with degree, but I changed it to Transition lense later. It cost me about $500 to make a pair of hi-index Transition lenses. A normal index Transition lenses should be much cheaper. My degree is quite high, so got to use hi-index.
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    My specs are with a FX creations titanium 1/2 frame. Bought 1 year before i ORD'd and still lasting till now. Only changd my lens cause it got scratched bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbn
    Have. Wearing since Primary 5 liaoz. U dun see me wearing only.

    I'm only effectively looking at the world with 1 eye. Go and guess my situation.
    lazy eye lor...

    me is 1 side astigmatism high, 1 side low...

    anyway just now go make a cheap pair with my mom, since her fren mah, he advice me get a pair 1st since i din wear glasses for so long already... get 1 with good lens, cheap frame, if dun wan, at least not expensive... count the price, machiam frame free 1... hahaha...
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