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    Default photoshop help!

    I have been trying to edit this photo for the longest time but its really frustrating cos i have no idea how to use the photoshop tools well?
    i want to lighten the faces hidden by their hats which are shaded from the sun. what tool can i use? i tried (and failed;jittery hands) to use the pencil to highlight their faces and use the contrast to lighten it but it doesn't errm look really nice.
    is there anything else i can do?

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    You may try using curves (Ctrl-M) to lift shadow details, but I think the effect may become quite noisy. (No access to PS here to try).

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    Hi htennek,



    I did this through contrast masking. For more info go here
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    a tip I learnt from one of Streetshooter's post:

    since your image is largely grayscale, convert to lab colour, remove all but the brightness channels. then adjust Curves from there. The results looks much better.

    I find that Contrast masking doesn't work very well with human faces.. it creates a jaundice (for coloured pictures) or washed out look..

    Anyway, I used Contrast Masking on this one. Hope it's useful.

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    hey wow, thanks a lot. i can't believe i spent so much time trying to use the pencil to highlight the faces! *grumbles*

    thanks dudes.


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