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Thread: E1's Customizable image parameters (saturation, sharpness, contrast)

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    Default E1's Customizable image parameters (saturation, sharpness, contrast)

    I got to know this feature in one of E1's review...

    anyone care to enlighten what it does to the picture? Does E300 have this, cause I couldnt find this feature in E300.

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    Default Re: E1's Customizable image parameters (saturation, sharpness, contrast)

    are u refering to this?

    menu ---> 2nd option (the camera with no2 next to it) ----> scroll down from card setup FEC.... then there are the options for saturation, contrast and sharpness

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    Default Re: E1's Customizable image parameters (saturation, sharpness, contrast)

    Most, if not all, DSLRs have saturation, contrast and sharpness control for in-camera jpeg processing.

    If memory serves me correct, the E-300 has five levels in each: from -2 to +2.

    Will not affect if shooting on RAW, however, the camera settings would be recorded within the .ORF (Oly Raw Format) for your convenience for conversion to jpeg.

    Hope I don't sound to cryptic...

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    Default Re: E1's Customizable image parameters (saturation, sharpness, contrast)

    Ok, I just realised that I have not really answer the thread originator's question...

    Saturation: Richness of the colours

    Sharpness: Self-explanatory

    Contrast: Range between the "light" and the "dark"

    I stress again this only affects your pictures when shooting in jpegs, when shooting on RAW it is pretty much WYSIWYG (or rather, the image as the CCD sees it without any processing, that's why it's called a "raw" image).

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    Default Re: E1's Customizable image parameters (saturation, sharpness, contrast)

    You can open both review side by side to compare the differences.

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    Default Re: E1's Customizable image parameters (saturation, sharpness, contrast)

    Thx for the responds. I have pm Drakon on this when I couldnt find this post,,, he he.. OK, seriosly, but really have not find an answer. Maybe I can tell u guys why I ask this question.

    I recently saw a print out photo (wedding) that gives off vibrant colors of the usual print out that i normally print at my colour lab. Some of my friends say that its becuase of their post processing. But i dont think so. Might have come from other make of DSLR camera thats for sure, but wasnt really sure from which model to be precise. Then i tried to look for a feature that maybe olympus have that can give out such effect to its photo when printed out on photo paper. So i assumed that this feature can do the trick. Anyway, im using E300. But cant seemed to find any feature that produce the effect that i saw.

    If E1 can do that, then that would be great.
    If E300 can, lagi best!
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    Default Re: E1's Customizable image parameters (saturation, sharpness, contrast)

    Hi Malek, got your pm, but I'll just reply here for the benefit of others.

    First, let me explain the types of camera output, which there are three altogether:

    1. RAW: RAW output is unprocessed data straight from the CCD. That is to say it is the "raw" data from the CCD. These files are unusable until they are processed. Think of it as the digital equivalent of film negatives.

    2. JPEGs: These are picture files that have been processed in-camera based on your WB, saturation, contrast and sharpness settings. These files and usable straight from the camera and in Oly's case, comes in three compression rates: 1/8 (highest compression, lowest quality), 1/4 (standard) and 1/2.7 (lowest compression, highest quality).

    3. TIFF: These are in-camera processed (same as jpegs, based on your camera settings) UNCOMPRESSED files.

    So both you and your friend may be correct. The camera may have been set on more aggressive saturation and contrast. Or, the picture has been PhotoShopped and the saturation and contrast have been increased from there. Or both done.

    From my experience with the E-300 what works for me is to set saturation, contrast and sharpness all on +1. This gives nice and punchy jpegs straight out of the camera, most of the time the only post-processing I do is to adjust the WB and exposure a little.
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    Default Re: E1's Customizable image parameters (saturation, sharpness, contrast)

    different users have diffferent preferences for settings. do try some of the settings recommended by others and see what works for you if you shoot only jpeg. for my old settings for e-300 were saturation +1, sharpness +2, contrast -1, ev +0.5.


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