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Thread: DSC T30 any good?

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    Question DSC T30 any good?

    Hi all,

    very new to the forum so bear with me a little alright?

    I am keen in getting a digital camera (but not a DSLR), and am looking at the DSC T30. How do they fare? Anybody have them to give a description of what you like or not in them?

    Would also appreciate if you guys can give me some recommendations.

    BTW, I am not very camera savvy, the camera will be companying me for those point and shoot moments and occasional night scenery shoots.

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    Default Re: DSC T30 any good?

    I have a DSC-T9, the immediate predecessor to the T30. I use it when lugging my DSLR doesn't make sense. I like it for it's size, and the picture quality is not too bad. The Super SteadyShot (SSS) function works quite well, and I like having the to-the-minute battery indicator. However, if you're not into the MemoryStick (Duo) memory format yet, I'd suggest you look at a SD-based camera instead, maybe a Canon IXUS. And if you don't mind using xD memory, then the Fujifilm Finepix F30 is a good choice.

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    ^^^ What do you mean by "MemoryStick Duo memory format"? It does not work like a normal flash memory card? Where by I remove the memory stick and plug it into the com with an adapter?

    Yea.. Maybe I am an appearence whore, cause the T9 and T30 looks uber cool..

    And, why would I mind using the xD memory? Any particular reason for that?

    Would really appreciate more inputs from all other gurus!

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    they work just like your normal flash memory card, just different formats.. Memory Sticks can only be used on Sony products, so if your thinking of changing cams in the future, either you buy another Sony or get new cards.. same goes for xD cards..
    SD cards are a more widely accepted format, so you can use your card in more devices.. plus Memory Sticks and xD cards tend to be more expensive compared to SD cards of the same capacity..

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    Yup, that's right. MS format can only be used on Sony's products, and xD cards can only be used on Fuji and Olympus cameras. These cards also tend to be more expensive than SD cards.

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    Default Re: DSC T30 any good?

    i suggest u go for the F30 instead (: unbeatable performance with one of the highest resolution figures around for a compact. amazing high ISO abilities too

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    Default Re: DSC T30 any good?

    Okie. I would not have any issue using the Memory Stick nor the xD cards.

    Will keep the Fujifilm F30 in the lookout.

    Any more comments from the rest of the people in the forum?


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