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    No-hold-barred C&C please !

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    > No-hold-barred C&C please !

    heheh... you ask for it. Obviously from a digital camera where the lens exhibit CA or purple fringing. looking at the CA, it could come out from a point and shoot.

    It is also not sharp, blur. Could be handshake, could be bad focussing or using too big aperture.

    Also underexposed as branches appear dark.

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    Really no holds barred? Ha ha just kidding.

    Personally, I feel this is belongs in the "I-think-there's-something-there-so -shoot" category. At the moment, it tells me nothing. I feel nothin. It is not a good picture....yet. With the right adjustments and augmentations in photoshop though, I feel there is potential for this. Perhaps tweaking the saturation and contrast levels or maybe even cropping in further to make it even more abstract. The less you see, the more interesting it becomes. Perhaps when you tweak the levels, you could raise the highlights to burnout through the foliage as well. The possibilities are endless. But do keep cracking at it, until you go "WOW". Then its a good image.

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    Thanks guys, 1 gave comments on technicalities, another on aesthetics

    Shot using FZ30. Though CA was apparent, i didn't think it was a big issue, neither was non sharp when i first took it. But now after you said it, I do realize that yeah it CAN definately be sharper.

    That being said, I guess what caught my eye was the repeated pattern of the branches and that was what stuck in my memory. Didn't see the faults !

    bluroom: you were right about this being THERE just to asking to be shot though. Its a half fallen tree growing sideways. This picture was taken pointing straight not up.

    thanks for the C&C



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