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If you've read my previous posts (in this and other threads), you would realise that I do not buy into the Canon vs Nikon crap. I do agree that both brands have their strengths and weaknesses. I did find the 20D to be easy to figure out w/o referring to the manual. And I do prefer Canon's WB over Nikon.

However, I personally find the 350D to be a different kettle of fish. In comparison with the D70s, I feel that it isn't a good camera for a newbie to start with, the camera being rather user unfriendly (being polite here) in the ergonomics dept.

I'd recommend that they start with the 20D/30D, if they want to buy into the Canon system. While if they wanted to buy into the Nikon system, the D70s would be a good starting point.

I work on the maxim that if a camera's UI can't be worked out in 5 -10 mins w/o the need to reference it's manual, it's not good enough.
Actually I think there's a problem with your overall throw of argument. You're coming from point of a experienced user. You don't really fit into the "consumer" camera section, because you know what you want, and likely you've already got a preference of how you want it.

For a beginner, there's no difference if there's a 350D or a D70s or a 20D, because they won't know what they want anyway. They'll have to learn everything from the manual. Given that, it's much easier to screw up your settings in the D70s than the 350D or 20D if you're a beginner. touch here touch there and everything is changed.

Just to let you know, once I borrowed a D70s to shoot.. it took me more than 1 hour + 3 phone calls to figure out how to change the focus region (I was outside). In comparison, 350D took me 5 min to figure out (they actually label the camera, so any one with some brains and eyes can figure out by just looking), and I was a relative noob then to dSLR.

For someone familiar with cameras, they can work out just about any camera's UI in minutes. It's a matter of someone's adapatability. To newbies, these won't really matter at all.