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Thread: Smooth skin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro Image
    Bridal photography has always produce beautiful skin texture due to own naturally consistent MUAs which they hired them full time. Normally it is minimized rather than smoothen the whole face.
    i would replace the above underlined as DIAs (digital imagining artist.. keke)... seriously, for bridal album any photo that's not digital process wont make it to prints.. or a least for my cases.. but indeed was trying to just 'minimized rather than smoothen the whole face', which has to depend on customers request too...... somehow honestly i find that more and more pple love to look like a rubber doll on photo...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pro Image
    No you don't need a Broncolor to produce good results. Any lighting brands can produce good decent results. Broncolor just happen to be more consistent and reliable.
    actually i dont use broncolor, but indeed it's reputation for it's consistency and quality of color (warmness.. etc..)

    Quote Originally Posted by Pro Image
    I believe 50mm f1.8 (cost $170-180) can produce great results taking in consideration the original poster is new to photography.
    wow.. so good and cheap i wanna get one too..

    Quote Originally Posted by Pro Image
    What I am trying to say here is, MUA is the first foremost important to minimise it. Second, is lighting will help a lot to minimize more. So when it comes to DI, you may not need to do much or not at all. We rely on DI only if the MUAs have done their best and we have done our best in lighting up the subject. If we can spend less time sitting and clicking our lives away in front of the screen, would that put us in a less stressful enviroment.
    very true.. let muas powder more their lives away, bulbs flashes more their lives away.. so we can click more shutter to our lives away instead of mouse... if all above dont works.. now DI pple will have to click their lives away...

    Not that I don't use PS but I do. I use it minimally. So tired if you need to do all this touch up(yes you can hire a DI person) but it's additional cost.
    i m not a DI person actually.. but once gets handy on this 'smooth skin' thing.. well it'll takes only bout 5-10mins for a bridal standard pic.. (maybe an hr for those unfamilar).. so i think it's okay...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightning
    Can it be batch processed? Asking for the sky!

    i think there's those plugin to laz the job.. but if i had to do.. i only do it manually... best control and result i think.. but had to get use to it at first, needs some triad and err..

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