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Thread: Would life be better 10 years from now?

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    Talking Re: Would life be better 10 years from now?

    Life is really getting more and more suckier day by day ... Things are getting more and more boring to do (except for photography though ).

    Who knows, might have something that interests me more?
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    Default Re: Would life be better 10 years from now?

    30+ years ago i was pennyless but my life was great. I live in a huge estate with natural enviroment without eletricity and tap water. the nearest house is about 20 minutes walk. I lived day to day playing with toys made of clay and wood. The clay was shapped to toys that we want and baked in a furnace (for drying rubber sheet). Birds and animals are tame because we dont harm them except squirrels which we catch and eat (delicious) because they eat our fruits.

    Now I have to slog day to day just to survive and pay taxes to feed people who only work once every 5 years.

    10 years down, i may end up begging in the streets cos i will be too old to work and my CPF monies cannot be used.

    10 years... I dont even dare to dream of another 5 years.

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    Default Re: Would life be better 10 years from now?

    Quote Originally Posted by hongsien
    I already live in exctasy now!..................imagine another 10 years!

    Hong Sien
    Is that in exctasy or on exctasy???

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    Default Re: Would life be better 10 years from now?

    It very much depends on:

    1. How much jitters we'll still have catching train or bus to work everyday worrying about whether someone is going to put bomb into it.

    2. Whether some wise guys will invented a new technology to replace our jobs.

    3. Whether the lithium ion batteries in our DSLR will explode into our faces.

    4. Whether free photography is still around as there is no way to compete with free except paying couples to take their wedding photos.

    5. Etc etc.

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    Default Re: Would life be better 10 years from now?

    10 years....

    of course NO... i'll ten year older!

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