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    Anyone here is a member of the Intenational Freelance Photographers Organisation? I've heard that the Press Credentials which are offer to the members (at a cost) will enable them to shoot at some special events without being stopped by securities. Can any fellow shutterbugs verify this?


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    Ahh the good old ifpo, it's been around for years and it's pretty dodgy to be honest.

    Firstly most events worth shooting require accreditation before you can enter the event location. This has to be done before hand and requires in most cases either a valid news organisation, agency, of company to back the accreditation application. Freelancers in Europe do benefit from ifpo, but it's credibility in most of the world is pretty suspect.

    Press passes, now this is a real bug bear. Normally press passes are issued either by the local (country specific) press council and or national government and are only valid for the country of issue.
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