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    C&C welcome.

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    It's a bit too crowded for me. Nice attempt anyway

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    thank you for your comment..btw what do u mean by too crowded? not simple enuff?

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    I agree. There are too many things happening. I'm not sure if you are trying to highlight the street, the sign, the tiles or the lanterns at the back.

    I see the obvious color treatment, so are you trying to bring that out?

    Photography to a certain extent allows us to replicate what our eye sees and our eyes typically focuses on one thing at a time. So yes, simplicity is the key. Less is definitely more. Good try though, I think with a tighter frame or a slightly different angle, you might have something.

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    maybe u can try to find a point to focus on to..the effect might be better...=) now i donnoe where to start looking from..too many things...

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    I think this is a beautiful shot.

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    Thanks for all the comments. I want to focus on the broken roof and the road sign board...but think setting is not good enuff....will try harder next time. Thanks again.


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