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Thread: Philips Singapore Cup - basketball!

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    Default Philips Singapore Cup - basketball!

    Hi guys,

    anyone will go for this basketball games?

    it is listed as $50 for 3 days events, how is the seating? free seating??

    and i wonder anyone know where the players have stayed?and practised?ha.

    Want to stalk Paul Gasol or Ginobili lol. I saw the photo they reached at Changi Airport yesterday.

    Share your informations here!

    By the way, i have no clue what is the Philips cup, never heard of it before, but it have attacted big basketball stars and oversea basketball team that i think is quite good!

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    Default Re: Philips Singapore Cup - basketball!

    No much basketball fans here?

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    Default Re: Philips Singapore Cup - basketball!

    I am hoping to go to Saitama to shoot Dwayne Wade.


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