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Thread: Help with lenses for my new *ist DL

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    Default Help with lenses for my new *ist DL

    Hi, I recently got my first SLR (Pentax *ist DL) so I am pretty new in the SLR world and right now I am looking for a macro lens for it. Could somebody suggest a good Lens, I am a lover of macro pictures and I want to start taking some pictures. Thanks.

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    1 of the cheap n gd macro lens is the tamron 90mm f2.8...but duno gt pentax mount or nt...
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    Thanks Dreamerz, I am looking in ebay and I found some wide angle lens, is that the same as Macro (I don't think so)? What do u think about sigma's lens? And, by the way, I am the very latest new-newbie, so Can I get in that class?? for newbies .

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    YOU might wanna read up more about photography by borrowing books as the lingo cna get quite confusing.

    Wide angle does not mean macro. Macro gineraly means that the image reproduced on your sensor is almost the same size as the object IRL. Most macro lenses offer 1:1 or 1:2 reproduction ratios. Wide angle lenses just means that the focal lengths are less than 50mm (IIRC)

    If you want more help you can try posting in the Pentax users sub-forum. I'm sure you can find more help there.
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