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    Does anyone out there knows who or which company does good drum scans? I have many old 6X6 trannies that I need to make up to A1 and A0 enlargements and I hear drum scans are the way to go. I had visited several pro labs in Singapore, I mean pro labs here and the results have been far from encouraging. I suppose most of them use CCD scanners. I have been searching the web for weeks and am still clueless who to go to. If anyone can offer advise on recommendations, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you.


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    do a search here for drum scan.. one of the forummers was offering this service.

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    jdredd, thanks for your prmpt reply. Believe me I have and still no answers. I found one such service by Kex who seems very popular with the folks here but he uses Imacon. Im not saying its not good or anything but its not a drum scanner.

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    drum scans are not necessarily as much resolution as a well calibrated imacon.. theres plenty of resolution tests out there in the market that have proved that....


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