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Thread: Happy Miaotional Day!!

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    Wink Happy Miaotional Day!!

    dedicated to all the community cats of singapore:

    I don’t have two legs and I don’t walk upright,
    And I'm not allowed to live in an HDB flat,
    Though I live in the community anyway
    among other cats and people.

    I have caregivers who look after me,
    And others who wish I was dead.
    I speak Meow and Purr and not Human
    And just like my country,
    every time they try and get rid of me, I keep coming back.

    I am grateful to the people who speak up for me.
    I believe in Sterilisation and not Killing,
    Tolerance instead of Hate,
    And that Cats are truly proud and noble animals
    Who deserve the right to live.

    Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia
    A Red Dot on the Map,
    And will be truly great when we learn to accept those who are the weakest.

    I am a Community Cat
    And I am Singaporean!

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    Default Re: Happy Miaotional Day!!

    So say we all!

    Or shoud it be "Meow purrr meeeeow meow"


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