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    Default just wondering

    Hi All,

    Where can i get a better price for F80?

    Is there any place do sell export set??


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    It seem like nobody willing to help?

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    Your question is a bit vague - don't know whether you are buying or selling?

    Assuming that u want to BUY an F80, the normal shops that we go frequent are:-

    1. Cathay Photo at Peninsula Plaza
    2. John3:16 at Funan Centre
    3. Alan Photo at Sim Lim Square
    4. Cathay Photo at Marica Square

    The above are AUTHORISED resellers so may not be able to offer you Grey sets (you can try and ask though). The dealers below may be able to help:-

    1. The Camera Workshop at Peninsula Hotel
    2. Prime Camera at Peninsula Plaza
    3. Alex Photo at Peninsula Plaza

    If you are unsure about the pricing, come on down to the next SEED (see the mega thread in Events) next week on 15th January, and someone from ClubSNAP can help you out.

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    Thks for yr info


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