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Thread: D70 Kit Lens for Portrait

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    seems what the thread started cares for is just the shallow DOF

    Based on my limited knowledge (since i'm a newbie myself):

    DOF refers to the distance in front and behind the object at which you achieve a standard blurriness called circle of confusion

    DOF depends on:
    1. Apperture: Bigger aperture gives smaller DOF
    2. Focal length: same as above
    3. Relative distance from camera to object and object to background

    as u can see, if the background is relatively far away from the object (and the camera), standing further from the object and use better focal length will give better (shallower) DOF. But then again, u r going away from the object (see point 3) ... Confused??
    ha ha, no, actually no conflict, that's why in the first place must have long distance from object to background so that even if u steps behind, relative distance won't be affected much if u wanna use this technique

    Be careful when using biggest aperture too, as a new owner of a 50mm 1.8 myself, i felt that the picture get quite soft if i go from F/2 onward for 3/4 body portrait. (of course it's nice when u use that on purpose)

    another aspect of portrait is lighting which i think is as important and not mentioned ... here.... Good if someone can enlighten us on this ...

    bottom line: play with ur equipment, experiment, try different things until you really master every piece of it, get the max out of it and very sure that u can achieve better with better equipment then upgrade. Photography is all about what u can produce not what you own. (of course, well, it's good to know what's the better equipment can do in what aspect and ... dun be tempted ... very very hard, ha ha )

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivan
    hi jeff,
    you might wish to take a look of this link first,
    it explains the basic of aperture, shuttle speed and iso...
    hope it helps
    Hi ivan, thx alot!! it help me alot

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