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    Unhappy fireworks

    AHHHHH the fireworks were amazing 2dae !!! I 4GT TO BRING CAMERA !!!! HEART PAIN !!!!

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    There's another one coming up 8 August at Marina Bay. Fireworks fest.

    9 Aug, National Day

    11 & 12 Aug, fireworks fest.

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    how i wish.. prelims cming liao la.. even if my parents dun bar me fm gg out i os bar myself la :'(

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    dun worry sometimes it's better to just admire and enjoy the fireworks without panicking over your photos taken by the camera
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    true... sometimes forcus too much on shooting u ended up nt enjoying

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    bring a video cam for fireworks, just mount on tripod and enjoy the show
    later at home can enjoy the show again

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    e onli vid cam i had 2dae was fm my suxy 6111 fone. counted ? lols


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