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Thread: Bad news if you take CTE/ East coast

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    Default Re: Bad news if you take CTE/ East coast

    Quote Originally Posted by ndroo
    ... and go fine those idiots who road hog during peak hours
    Those dinosaurs who travel in the overtaking lanes... wah lao eh
    wonder what are the white termites doing ..
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    Default Re: Bad news if you take CTE/ East coast

    Quote Originally Posted by dkw
    I honestly don't know what is wrong with you guys. Your loyalty to your country is so easily broken? A few cents rise in MRT fares and a dollar more of ERP and you go off crying? That's all being a Singaporean means to you, paying low bus fares? Have you all forgotten the agonisingly high COE prices we used to have? I still remember the $80K+ COEs of the early '90s. The LTA has already said, they will shift the burden from car ownership to car usage. All you guys now benefiting from record low COEs, what is a $50+ dollars a month for ERP? I bet you spend many times that on your petrol.
    Are you sure is just S$50+ a mth if you travel to work 5 days a week during peak hr? Please do some math as not all people will pass through only just 1 gantry on the road during peak hr you know?

    Quote Originally Posted by dkw
    If you think living in SG is expensive, please try some other western countries at similar levels of economic development, you will change your mind very quickly. Of the expariate colleagues I work and interact with, I have yet to meet one that says the cost of living here is higher than back in their home countries.
    That's the reason why most of them cook/repair household thing themselves. Although the cost of living back in their home is high, but can you imagine how much higher they are paid here compare to us? If not, why they come over here to work?

    Quote Originally Posted by dkw
    National Day is coming up, we should be celebrating our remarkable tiny little island nation. Just look around the neighbourhood, how easy could it have been for us to become a failed or underdeveloped state? Another East Timor, Christmas Island, Maldives? Have any of our bigger neighbours done better than us?
    Why don't you tell those high up there to rule this places which you've mentioned here & see what they'll tell you in return?

    Quote Originally Posted by dkw
    So much angst and anxiety over a <=$1 rise, what a bunch of whiners.
    Lastly, if you are earning more than S$5,000 a mth now, of course you don't feel that pinch at all man! No offence dude.

    Final say, in the near future.... Here is a place for the rich & very rich only. If you are not one of them, you better go somewhere else or just take a hike.

    PS: I wish many many peaceful years ahead for this country & for the rich & very rich.
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