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    I've been browsing at clubsnap for a few months and finally decided to join. My background. I'm an art student but recently got interested in photography. I dont have a camera. So I take pictures on my handphone and my video camera.

    I hope to get an SLR camera in about 2 months time after I get my salary. So a camera costing about $1500 or less. So far I've heard alot about the Canon Rebel and thats a camera I'm very interested in. Any recommendations?

    Anyway, here are two pictures from my recent trip to melbourne that I've taken.

    I like this one because of the way the buildings form an angle. Also I think theres a contrast between the roundness of the crown building the the squareness of the other building.

    And I like this because the desert display behind the table is actually a reflection from the inside of the restaurant. But I dont think the picture is clear.

    I hope you like it and please give me comments on how to improve.

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    Welcome to the forums here. If you are thinking of taking the plunge in to the DLSR arena keep in mind that your purchases might not stop at just the camera alone. If you got for one of the retail sets you might get some freebies that can tide you over like a bag/memory cards and stuff like that. A few other essentials are a Dry cabient (if you reside in a humid country), cleaning kit for the lens and camera (optical tissue, blower, microfibre cloth, cleaning fluid).

    Most other sellers reoccemended here like CP, MS, LP, AP, Oracale... ofthen have much lower prices for the 350/30D's but lack the supposed 'freebies' just keep that in mind when you are buying a DLSR that the purchase rarely stops at the body/kit alone so do make sure you budget for it.
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    Hi Donna,

    Welcome to the big family. Enjoy your stay here. Like our big brother has said that before you plunge in to get the camera, do consider on all other accessories that you have to get also. Lenses, filters, flash, memory cards...etc. All these will come up to quite a bit of money (at least for me).
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    Good that you finally join.

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    Do plan for your system purchase first. There are lots of hidden costs in getting a SLR (film or digital) and do remember it's a system you are getting. So think about all the other equipment like flashes, lenses, upgrades to body, etc)
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    A PnS will do a fine job...
    eg: Fujifilm F30.

    SLR/DSLR have lots of things to consider... as a student, should concentrate on taking the subjects rather then worrying what equipment to buy and repair cost if broke down.


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