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Thread: need help with grainy pic

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    Default need help with grainy pic

    can someone tell me wat settings should i use under orange light conditions?

    my pic seem to be very grainy, is it my iso too high or f/ to low?

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    Default Re: need help with grainy pic

    hmm... you might want to post a smaller picture and maybe 100% crops of key areas instead of such a huge picture.

    if you want to keep the orange feel, this is fine. if you want it to be white, then do a manual white balance or. if you want in btwn, switch white balance to tungsten - will turn out slightly orange, since street light is warmer than tungsten.

    as for noise (higher iso = more noise). well,
    1. shoot at low iso. compensate the shutter speed by using tripod or similar.
    2. correct it in post using noise reduction software like neatimage, noise ninja?, etc...
    3. use a flash
    4. use a faster lens if available
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    Default Re: need help with grainy pic

    ok thanks alot... i will try dat.. i am waiting to get SB-600 but now no money..
    i did not use the build in flash cos i dunno how to control it.. any suggestions?

    btw i have one more qns, if i wanna take fire works wat kind of settings is suitable?


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