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Thread: Can all cars 'drift' ? If yes, how ?

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    Default Re: Can all cars 'drift' ? If yes, how ?

    Quote Originally Posted by DT_
    during my younger days i've got lotsa chance to play with cars... before i actually knew there was initial d cartoon, what inspire me was i think jackie cheng 'pi li huo'... to me drifting is basically controlling the vehicle when i skidded.. have tried it on even vans, pickups, lorry, and even auto cars although definately not racing standard but it works too...

    to make a good drifter, concentration power is very important.. as well as exceptional control of clutch (priority), steering wheel (speed of handling and accuracy).. i know is sounds abusd if i say this but if one is good in some arcade racing games then he should probably possess technical skill for above, the rest is guts...

    but well.. theory still hard to explain... i must demostrate...

    onz.... when ? .must teach us a skill or two

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    Default Re: Can all cars 'drift' ? If yes, how ?

    with control = drift

    without control = skid

    hehehe becareful hor...

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    Default Re: Can all cars 'drift' ? If yes, how ?

    Brakes, clutch plates and tyres will wear off.

    Front shaft life will be shorten as well for FF and same goes with FR shafts will go offline pretty soon when you do drifting.

    Shocks absorber life will also be shorten dramatically. Steering wheel oil has to be top up all the time.

    Flywheel life will have to watch out too.

    Actually, when you drift a car the tension of it get effected.

    So i do not suggest any of you do any drifting if you car is not meant to be or fully mod. Even fully mod cars gets effected as well as the drivers will push a little more on it.

    Just drive safetly lar.

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