Hi Deadpoet,

If you can read, I did not say there's babes. Fireworks, yes.

Because it is a non-exclusive event, that's why the demands are outrageous. I will only provide details to those whom are really interested. Those who always all talk no action, I won't waste my time and end up having to answer many unnecessary questions.

Yes, the venue owners don't have all the details as I only provide what they need to know. They are getting better as a role as event organisers. This is what is happening to the event industry, venue owners approaching clients and provide them the full packages.

I do not earn the 90 cents. Are you saying you have to claim for money to do volunteer work? Not everything is about money, things can be driven by passion, love, etc.

This time round, I did nothing much except for making phone calls, so I don't expect to be paid as well.