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Thread: [[*Love Affair ]

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    will join more if i can confirm my plan
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    thanx for ur support harry! and the others too. we really appreciate it. we want to deliver the best pictures for u guys.

    please check back next friday(11aug) for updates. thanx again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronaldjace
    this is an excellent idea and how about capturing the journey of the "french" duo in their "you & me - we are forever" world?

    the theme was created beautifully by sherlyn and so because of the unique setting(location) of shoot and the duo being real-life couple will extremely comfortable for each other and for the camera.

    for anyone who knows me, here or not, when or forgot, or those who worked in the studio that i worked for, please give utmost support for xaviere/jean-pierre. thanks from myself for all those who will be joining with them.
    hey, thanks for your support... haha! the theme was created by jean pierre rather.. heee... please check back for more details after 11 august 2006~ there will be more surprises and updates on your way...

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    Moderators, can you cancel this thread please? Thanks a lot!

    Refer to this thread guys: It's the updated version.

    Thanks for your support!

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