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Thread: Raw Convertors or processors programs

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    Question Raw Convertors or processors programs

    I read alot of reviews and found out that Bibble Pro and RawShooter premium out performs Adobe PS CS2 in processing RAWs. And one BIG REASON RawShooter premium is way out performing Adobe PS CS2 is that recently Adobe has aquired the technology assets of Pixmantec ApS, makers of RawShooter premium That is so fwah up imo!!! Talk about big fishes eating small fishes.

    Anyway what I want to know is what programs do you guys use to process your RAWs? Im using PS CS2 now, but I would love to switch to a better ones like Bibble Pro or RawShooter premium, but being a MAC user, I will probably switch to Bibble Pro as RawShooter premium only has WIN version.

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    I prefer Capture One and SilkyPix for raw processing. I do not like the workflow and colours created by Bibble Pro and Rawshooter.

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    I've been using Raw Essentials up until now, but am looking to switch because I'm unhappy with the way it auto-changes the colours which I'm happy with out of the camera. I'd like to take a look at Aperture, but there isn't a Windows version yet (or ever). So will probably go to either Adobe or take a nother look at Bible (which didn't suit my workflow first time I looked).
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    I was using ACR in PS CS1 until Adobe released CS2. From that point, Adobe only updated the ACR for CS2 and abandon the ACR in CS1.

    So I switched to Silkypix Pro. It is quite intuitive and has alot of features, although not a very fast program unless you got a powerful computer. Silkypix Pro is also very responsive in updating it's support for new cameras. It supported Sony A100 virtually on the day the camera was released

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    Well i use DXO Optics to first batch process my raw files (Noise reduction, distortion and lighting) then i use Capture to fine tune, now also trying out light room beta for windows.

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    Capture 1 Pro has a great can select and do adjustments on the fly without jumping from one screen to another like in photoshop, while processing is also taking place in the excellent program available in both Mac and PC


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