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    I am a profesional photographer and would like to maximise the income from my studio.

    I hope to organise some shooting get-togethers and i would be able to arrange for shoots with professional models from top agencies, makeup artist and hairstylist and provide feedback on posing.

    Just wonder what is the market rate and how much would u guys be willing to pay?

    Thanks for the advice.

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    I think most people here like fashion and concept shoots a lot

    These are the few observation from the numerous shoots seen here. Just some comments, maybe it will help ya to organise good shoots.

    * Get a good fashion stylist (the one element lacking in most organised shoots except those workshops by Cedric?)
    * Get good clothes (Eg.Frederick Lee) & accessories (lace, bags, shoes, furs, feathers)
    * Good concept/ Art Direction
    * Good models (can be local too, preferably edgy)
    * Good makeup/hair

    I know that by having those elements, your cost will be high. Do what you think is feasible and make sure you dont run a loss in the long run.


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    Thanks for the advice. U r right about the high cost of getting the pros in. hope they can do me a favour cos i usually use some of them for my commercial jobs.

    Hope to see u there when i really get started. best regards.

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    Hehe no worries,

    My hands are itchy too. These 2 months are low period for me...not much projects except overseas one....

    Been trying to help out some fashion stylist/makeup/hairstylist during this 2 months too They are keen to organise fashion shoots for the next 2 months.



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