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Thread: What appropriate size to print to

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    Hi guys

    Need to seek advice from you experts.
    I have a photo of dimension 1750 x 2400, file size is 443kb (got this information when I right click the filename in windows explorer). If I want to send this photo for printing to blow it big, what is the max I can go without compromising on the resolution or not sharp. I'm thinking of framing the picture with those Ikea 30x40, 40x50, 50x70 frames.

    Is there a rough guideline or estimation for photo of a certain dimension or resolution, what is the max appropriate size we can blow up to ? Should the dimension matter or the file size ?

    Thanks for any advise.


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    looks like there's high compression on this file.
    generally for a 4mp image u can print a nice 8R..
    but for 30x40 or the size u're talking about, it's gonna get grainy and such.
    bottom line: if u have a small file but want to print big, just print REALLY big so in order to see the whole picture, people have to stand back and wont notice the small problems in the details.

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    Thanks for the quick response.

    8R is roughly 20x25 so effect wise, it is better for me to print REALLY big say 50x70 rather than the closest dimension 30x40 ?

    Do you know roughly how much does studio charge to print to 50x70? If not too ex, I may just print and try

    Thanks again!

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    huh? i thought 8R is 8x10?
    man.. what have i been printing all these while...

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    oh sorry for the confusion
    what i mean is 8R is 8inchx10inch which is roughly 20cmx25cm

    The Ikea frame size all are in cm, so 30cmx40cm, 40cmx50cm, 50cmx70cm,
    so if like that, u think my picture can print up to 50cmx70cm ?


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    actually, size you can blow up to is also dependent on how sharp the image is to begin with...there is no fixed ratio...

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    If it's not meant to be viewed up close, say arms length, then you might get away with 150 ppi, which translates to about 11" x 16". I'd say the 30cm x 40cm size would turn out alright. The 50cm x 70cm size gives you about 85 ppi, which will probably not look too good unless you're a metre or so away. All the above is on the assumption that you print the photo as is without using pixel-interpolation to up the pixel count.

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    In addition to what's mentioned, at 150ppi you'll crop about 3/4 to 1 cm on one side OR have a border close to 1cm on the other; minor issue unless you frame specifically to the border.

    Printing cost wise, about $5 and above if you're doing it thru' colour lazer on slightly heavier paper or anywhere above $15 (my guess) if you want to do it thru' a photo studio. Difference is the quality of the paper, ink/dye? medium, lifespan of the print, etc...

    And as mentioned, the compression sounds a bit high for this large a file (unless perhaps it's b&w). 150ppi is about newspaper quality print (try to look in terms of print quality and not the paper, though the paper does affect somewhat, but take it as a gauge).

    In any case, you'll never know till you try.


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