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    i just realised that sony/minolta slr has the shutter release button behind the main command dial (layout #1) while EOS and nikons have the main command dial behind the shutter release button! (layout#2)

    personally i layout#2 because it feels more natural: as in while gripping the camera, your right index finger is both engaged in both part of the gripping and also AF-ing at the same time, being in position ready to fire away.

    when i tried the sony alpha and the dynax, while AF-ing away, i can feel that the right index finger is in a contorted position. (forced to bend backwards appreciably). equally uncomfortable is when u are just gripping the camera, u will want to and tend to relax the right index finger for a natural grip, but the right index finger cannot really be placed on the shutter release button because it will feel contorted.

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    I didn't notice that earlier.

    I also would feel more comfortable with option 2. Option 1 is kinda weird, personally.

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    hehheh u are not the only one.


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