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Thread: Hokkaido trip

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    Default Hokkaido trip (snow festival)

    Taken from my hotel window one evening. That places keep snowing and snowing...everything was white, including many of its roads (err...where are the roads? I can't see them)

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    The snow festival in sapporo is super crowded. Anyway, due to the warm weather this year, the exhibits hv signs of degration
    Due to the large crowd, I can only shoot & scot.

    Tht spot of light is not my flash, all these exhibits are like 3 storey high. Most likely a spotlight that i didn't notice.

    This shot is pinkish. I can't remember why. Could be the lighting. This exhibit show the most sign of melting

    And this is bluish definitely because of lighting

    And I'm not sure which exhibit is by singapore team. There are a total of 12 teams this yr. One of them is from Singapore. Are we surprised?
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    More snow festival pictures from sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan.

    Pardon me if the picture quality isn't that great. The place is super crowded. Light is failing as the sun already set. I've to handle the tripod and camera in thick gloves, look for good spot in limited time (following tour group). Plus, track shoe on icy ground isn't exactly the most ideal of all situations

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    Very nice!
    Canon Lover :)

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    Nice pics.. thanks for sharing...


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