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Thread: Pulau Rawa Mother & Child

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    Taken with a p&s. (before i gotten a dslr). would really appreciate all constructive comments to help me learn.

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    Doesn't do anything for me compositionally.

    It looks exactly like what you just pointed and shot. The catamaran takes aways from what I think you wanted to capture. The rigging on the catamaran on the right is distracting. The subject and the boat are fighting, the boat is in the foreground but the main subject is in the background. Because I read your title, it forced me to look at the picture a little harder and then come to realise that "Hey there is a mother and child in the photo too." If you know what I mean.

    I would have at least waited for them to clear the boat before shooting and also maybe a lower angle would have been nicer.

    I hope this helps. Just keep on shooting. I also hope I have not been to harsh, if I have, let me apologise first.


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    My opinion would be the opposite. you have captured the mood. The mum was holding the shoe and the hairy kid. Would find it more interesting this way.
    *no offence


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