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    i'm new at taking portraits. any comments appreciated. thanks!




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    err...what does it mean when one does not get any critiques and comments? that bad ar?

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    You can afford to get closer to your subjects. Detail is importaant.

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    eikin: agree with you. until now, my conception was that a photo should speak for itself. if it didn't connect, then it would have failed.

    in #1 and #3, it was about "the moment", defined by the facial expressions.

    in #2, the repeating patterns (legs and legs) looked interesting. more of an exercise in composition and mood.

    revolutionnaire: point noted. think i need a 70-200 2.8L IS then! woohoo! currently on a 17-40 and i was about 30cm from the foreground subject when i shot #1 and #3. Any closer and i'd be kissing the guys


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