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    Default More City Shots

    Canon EOS 5D Classic | Minolta X-700 |

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    Ok, so this isn't exactly a city shot, but hey! Its part of it! :

    Canon EOS 5D Classic | Minolta X-700 |

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    any of these taken with the X-700?

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    Nope, taken with the S45.
    Canon EOS 5D Classic | Minolta X-700 |

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    Default Re: More City Shots

    Originally posted by Necroist

    This one looks grainy :P

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    yeah thought so too. Still trying to get used with the S45 but I noticed some of my shots are terribly underexposed even though on the LCD, it looks properly exposed (not to mention the metering says its properly exposed too).

    That shot was one of those shots, so I had to bump up the curves.
    Canon EOS 5D Classic | Minolta X-700 |

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    some of the shots look grainy.
    ur S45 got ISO 50 rite?

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    some were at ISO 400, some at 50, but like I said, they were all underly exposed and the grains started to appear once I bumped up the curves\brightness and auto-level.
    Canon EOS 5D Classic | Minolta X-700 |

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    usually what i do with night shots is lotsa 'bracketing'. really bracket until mad.. hehe...

    only possible with digital camera that's all. film.. hmm i'm stingy!..


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