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Thread: Need help on Photoshop

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    Default Need help on Photoshop

    I would like to create borders like the picture shown below in batch process but somehow I couldnt get it right after applying the saved Action on selected pictures.

    Can anyone briefly explain to me the steps to do these? Thanks!

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    many ways to accomplish this task.

    one way is to increase the canvas size by percentage, the canvas size is increased by 3 steps. The action looks like this

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    Thanks jopel, I managed to do it.

    Another question: I can't seem to perform the saved Action on image files with a slightly different dimension. The output will differ such that the wordings beneath the pictures wouldnt appear. However it works for images with the exact dimension for which the Action was created for. Any ways to resolve this?

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    after the 3rd steps continue to record a type layer step ( choose the font, size, colour) - just type anything , eg. This is a type holder, and position the texts where you want it to be. stop recording.

    by resizing the canvas with percentage your text will resize accordingly.


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