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Thread: Tips needed for Japan trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpc
    Er... Anyone been on a Free and Easy Trip to Hokkaido??!?!?
    Anyone called?

    Going there?
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    Arrow Re: Tips needed for Japan trip

    Thanks for the information, I was there two years ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by TMC
    It still is.......sad to say......

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    oh ya I forgot to ask also, I am thinking of buying lens do you all think I will get any chance to buy it during my package tour in tokyo, should be very rush hor? if not I hope I can get good price in Kyoto

    any recommendation where to buy lens.....both in Tokyo and later my extension in Kyoto
    I found this
    anyone can read jap pls help me to see if the price are up to date and is it giving a summary which shops are selling cheaper?

    lens have international warranty am I right?

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