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Thread: stark randomness?

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    Default stark randomness?

    havent shot anything in a while... something different for me, spur of the moment randomness with a fuji f11 p&s (damn small cameras are fun). Wanted to create something clinical, stark, barren, inorganic & cold with random stuff.

    Dont know what whether they're snapshots, shot to death, abstract or still-life... feel free to c&c or share photos of the same theme
    Shot with fuji f11, in-camera b&w, minimal post-process...

    1. my drink

    2. Candles after a bday celebration

    3. my crappy lighter

    4. a bland untasty biscuit

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    Default Re: stark randomness?

    5. friend's ceiling

    6. friend's chandelier

    7. ...

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    Default Re: stark randomness?

    I really like the lighter. It's a great angle and I lie the composition. You really pulled off a feeling of barren/emptiness in that one.

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    I think the lighter is nice cos it reminds me of wide angle pictures of the barrel of a pistol.

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    Agree with the others that the lighter works because the subject is really isolated. The others seem to have soem distractions going on so one is never 100% sure what to look at.

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    i personally like the friend's chandelier.

    looks kind of like those ceiling painting from that angle.

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    Thanks for viewing & the comments guys... my personal favorites are actually the soda can & the lighter... it's probably been shot before...

    For the other undesirable shots, do they look like snapshots?

    umm.. eel, what are the distractions that U mentioned? Would love to hear it....


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