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Thread: Dull and fuzzy images

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    Look man, DPI/PPI/resolution etc dun mean anything. You can have 500000 dpi but pic will still look crap. Image res on 20D is always 3504 x 2336. Doesnt matter what dpi/ppi the 10d/20d output at.

    If the pix look dull and fuzzy then you need a basic course in photography. I mean look at the sky it is such a dull day you cant expect any better image. Juz becoz it's a 20D it wont magically brighten and colorize th eimage.

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    I have a similar posting here.

    This is a specmanship issue.

    My conclusion is that the stated exif info is invalid, unknown or not applicable.

    Following was extracted from exif 2.2 specification, page 19 and 20,
    published by Standard of Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association.


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