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    Hi, how do i take shots of massed fireworks? The NDP organizing committee seems to think that "more is good" and just lines up fireworks one after another in the skies with 1 burst after another within 1 to 1.5 seconds...

    These were my settings:

    ISO 100
    shutter speed 2.5

    I realised if your shutter speed is too fast you will get something like this and the firework has not exploded to its full extent:

    And if your shutter speed is too slow you get cluttered fireworks like this where the previous burst has not died and the new burst has just been shot up:

    Anyone knows how to help? Then also how to avoid the smoke resulting from the fireworks too?


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    Try using black-card technique to determine end of shot instead of using timer.

    As for the smoke, there is nothing you can do about it. If you are affected by it, try PS it away.

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    What is black card technique actually?

    Is it put shutter speed at say 10 seconds then if you don't like the fireworks at 2-3 seconds you put a black coloured card then if you want the fireworks at 5-6 seconds then you remove dhte black card?


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