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    thought someone wearing his blue underwear outside

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    Check this one out.... I added a hint of digital flash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by photobum
    Check this one out.... I added a hint of digital flash.

    wahaha looks even more "communist"

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    appealing to someone who knows him and the occassion, but not something anyone wants to hang on his wall, would you?

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    personally, i'ld prefer a direct shot from the front, closely cropped for this kind of pics. it captures the emotions much better.

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    looks like a Communist China pposter to me.... i just dun work for me....

    flash or no flash, how u took that picture is like telling a different story....

    definately looks like a communist china poster to me really.

    i dun even see a hero...

    i just dun work for me..... technically not very wrong. but its just all wrong....

    if u like it den i have no say. but INMO i just dun work for me...


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