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    Anyone knows which hotel is okay for you to do a one to one shoot in their lobby?

    Marina Mandarin
    Pan Pacific

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    they are all ok, provided you are willing to pay, credit them, and/or do something for them in exchange...which one depends on what kind of shoot you are doing and how ngiao the person you approach at the hotel is...

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    You can write a letter to their PR department, state your request, purpose of the shoots, propose of dates, size of productions crews involve, length of the shooting session, what are the area you are interested to use for the shoots, and usage of the final images, and most importantly, what the hotel will get in return.

    They may or may not grant you wish.

    Hope this helps.
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    Depends on what your purpose is actually.
    If it stands even the slightest chance of spoiling their image then they wont allow.
    But if its something else and even used for advertorials, then i believe they would allow if u volunteer to credit them in your works


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