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Thread: Red wall - my 1st post

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    Default Red wall - My version - 1st post

    This would be the 1st photo i posted on this wonderful forum . and i guess a red wall alway make a photographer miss a heart beat
    here is my version of RED WALL .

    This is taken abt 2-3 years back when i was backpacking in china . FM2 50mm 1.4
    don't really rem much .

    feel free to give me any comment or any remark
    don't be shame is good to listen to option
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    hi lucifer

    the colors are very attractive and contrasting, red and blue.

    The picture looks like you took it from a window and aim down close at the wall as I can see the shallow dept of field.

    As a picture, sadly I must say it doesnt work. Could you have taken it from another viewpoint?

    say from streetlevel and, apply rule of thirds? sorry I was not there so i cannot evision any possibilties.


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    f i could recall correctly i took the photo after i went to the bank of china . was walking a the street and spot this road sign. along a long red wall . so i walk toward it and stand right below it and snap the shot . Is about 2 meter high .

    i hope this would give you some idea of how is taken . for me color contrast is fun . is more fun if you can add a name on it to help me rem thing in my life

    lot of thanks


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