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Thread: Shot from China Town

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    My 1st B&W shot, C&C plse

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    -- shot from china town .. would tell viewer is taken in china town ..

    but think this way ..

    if you had put it " Shot from Jurong " or Shot from Ang mo kio . " or Shot from Kimseng "

    Will it made a diffrent ?

    Nobody would know .. --

    my Point is the title play a importance role in the photo itself .. and the topic must match the suject ..

    is like .. CANNED FOOD .. IF the label said .. " TOMYAM SPICY CHICKEN "
    You more or less expect it to have that kinda Taste on it ..

    if you open it and it just CURRY CHICKEN .. without that sour spicy tomyam taste .,. is would really disappoint the Viewer ...

    i shall not comment on the layout and how the car block part of the view ..
    i am sure others would do so ..
    Like cooking .. Chicken .. is chicken unitl you Add the Spicy .. and taste to it

    photography is the same .. is just another shot till you are able to Capture the spicy to make it special to it own ..

    osix uvlux

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    Arghhh!!!!! Tell me frankly, do you guys know how to set the exposure on your camera? And look at that car in the foreground.

    0 out of 100. Another one bites the dust.

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    thks photobum & Uvlux for C&C, will continue to learn & hope to improve some days, at least I am getting some "straight to the heart" and Hornest C&C's, will accept all C&C for as long as they are constructive, guess thats how I will learn.


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