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Thread: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-R1

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    Default Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-R1

    anyone have this camera? I just got it and am learning the features on it, as im starting to do professional photos on the side, so want to know if anyone else out there has this camera and can share some tips and tricks...


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    hi, and welcome to clubsnap.
    i think some members in CS does have the R1 cam too. u can find them in the Sony forum of this website, and they would probably be better to help u with tips as they are the ones with the cam

    ohh btw, look out for this clubsnapper nick weekh. he takes very good pictures!!
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    His photos are indeed good.
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    yess very good compositions
    i think he is a very experienced guy
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    heard quite a lot of rave reviews on this one...i'm itching to get one to try out oso..hehe

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    wow, im surpised so many wants R1. i thought its price is quite high and maybe most would rather go for a DSLR....
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