OK ... I had since leave singapore for about 5 years now -- and had not posted in this forum for a long long time.. wanna say hello to SPACE and everyone .. Pardon me if i post this in the Wrong section -- if need pls move it ..

Ok .. - I need another digital Camera - i own a Coolpix 5000 Super camare love it .. i even got the extra batterypack and the added marco lens and so on .. BUT ..

What i need now ---- Point and shot ..

I am starting a new business -- doing product export -- i need a DIGITAl camera --

which fall into a few Spec i am looking or rather hutning for ..

i would LIST what i need .. and seriously need osme advice ..


2. AA BATTERY is a MUST ..
3. MARCO - ( prefer 2cm - below 10 cm can consider -- Need it for jewelery shot )
4. Handle day and night shoting nicely especially under poor lighting condition ..
5. CF card ( cos i have like 4 pcs used for my coolopix

What i had shortlisted so far ..

NIKON COOLPIX L1 ( seriously considering .. )
SAMSUNG A 503( Marco might be 20 cm up, If you have more info do let me know - Lov ethe design and the comptact look fit my spec -- )

- Can anyone let me know How much This camarea Cost in Singapore - cos my MoM is going to singaproe tomorrow and will be there for 3 week migtt just her to buy one back .Where i am staying is almost impossible to get lastest product ..

NEED price for


IF you have a better camera which you think might FIT my Spec -- PLs feel free to Suggest ... Thanks you

Uvlux (osix )