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Thread: Questn on Slik Tripod

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    Default Questn on Slik Tripod

    Hi all, was thkin of gettin a Slik tripod. Looking at Pro 330 DX & Pro 340 DX.

    1) Rough guide on pricing of both?
    2) Usually comes wif a tripod bag or hav 2purchase seperately?
    3) Apart frm diff like 340 has 4 leg sections while 330 has 3 leg sections,
    any othr stark diff?
    4) Anyone out ther who is using/ has used either models, and also were also once deciding btwn the 2 models pls do share what made you choose one model over the other?

    Been to, but cant seem to see
    the main diff, in fact seems 340 height extension is shorter?

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    No two pics are the same, each in its own light.

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    Perhaps these questions more suitable in consumers corner...I've open a new thread with similar questions there at
    No two pics are the same, each in its own light.


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