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    Which is preferable for less noise? To underexpose by 1 stop or double iso? I am using Canon 350d.

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    expose correctly, keeping histogram to right side...but not clipping highlights...better to use higher ISO than to fudge exposure with lower ISO...

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    Is it easier to salvage the picture if its overexposed or underexposed? Is it safer to underexpose by 1 stop all the time so as not to get blown highlights?

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    it is easier to salvage underexposed...but the salvaged part tends to be very noisy...if its a once in a lifetimediediemusthaveheckthenoiseandexposure-type shot, can underexpose slightly...if going for less noise, try exposing so that the histogram is to the left but no clipping...due to signal-to-noise ratios and other mumbojumbo, the right (bright) side will be less noisy than the left (dark) side...

    Michael Richmann explains it better:


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