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    Guys, for the SYPA some time back, i printed a couple of "crops" and there were borders. issit possibke to do without them? i unerstand that i must further crop the picture to "scale". is there a way i am able to identify its print size assuming i want to do with out the borders. Simply put, how would i know if there would be borders when i crop and print and how do i make sure i do not have them.

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    sorry, my english is very bad, can't figure out what you want, can you explain it in a much simple way?
    else, you may show pictures to tell us what you want.
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    firstly you need to know the size of the resulting print you want.
    then crop your image to that size, it would be best if it was still at 300dpi
    then send the image for printing and tell them that you do not want borders.

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    Just make sure:
    Image aspect ratio=print aspect ratio

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    what i mean is that how would i know whether my Cropped picture would fit nicely into an 8R paper and not have borders?

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    I also understand that at the printing shop, the person can load my pic into com, open Photoshop Cs or sth then type in the size of paper. eg 11 inc x 8 inc
    Then the com would calculate whether my picture can fit into the paper

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    If you're shooting on your D50, aren't your images already 3:2 ratio? If so, then instruct the printing lab to "Fit-In", onto a S8R/8RW paper. If you insist on printing 8R, then the crop ratio should be 5:4, while 6R ratio is 4:3 (similar to most prosumers').

    My chaps printed S8R for their SYPA submissions, 3:2 ratio, without any problems at all.


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