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Thread: Terrorist again ??

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    Default Terrorist again ??

    NEW YORK - A three-storey building collapsed in Manhattan on Monday morning after what may have been an explosion, media and officials said.

    "It appears to be an explosion, but it's not confirmed," a Fire Department spokeswoman said.

    Television reports said people were trapped inside, but fire officials did not immediately confirm that.

    Heavy black smoke rose high above the building, wedged between taller structures on 62nd Street between Park and Madison avenues.

    Damage, including shattered windows, could be seen at one of the adjoining buildings.

    The building reportedly housed a doctor's office and a beauty salon.

    Streets around the area were closed off to traffic as ambulances and rescue units responded just before 9 a.m. (1300 GMT). - CNA/ir

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    Default Re: Terrorist again ??

    According to other newschannels, the most likely cause was a gas leak. A neighbouring building had called the gas service company for suspected gas leaks..........sometimes channel news asia is not the most complete news provider.


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