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    is it same if you're a walk-in client compared if you book online?


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    i guess it depends from country to country.

    Do make some checks thru the hotel website and online travel agents for prices. You don't want to be caught without a room when you reach your destination without a reservation.

    I have given up hope on my usual travel agent as they charge me $50 more per room per night for something which I could book thru their website at $50 lesser. Service with a fee i guess.

    My experience with hotels in China is that you can bargain or ask for special rates by walking in.

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    what about SG? my first & 2nd visit there was pre-arranged with my travel agency, but this time i had to look one for myself


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    i guess SG has more than enough hotel if u are not too choosy!!
    as long as there's no big world event u should have any worries!!

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    i cant speak for singapore, but my own experience for malaysia is normally you get the same or similar price if u call up the hotel directly, than what you do by booking through those internet sites..
    but ive never just turned up on the doorstep and asked how much..

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    i think for sg, if u book online its much much cheaper....

    was checking rate for relatives last time, there are such thing as online price and walk in price.....
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    hi thobs

    in Singapore, the walk-in rates are certainly more expensive than on-line rates. Either you go to the hotel's own websites and search for their promotional rates or you can use these 2 websites which I personally use when I want to book rooms locally or in the region:


    Hope it helps and that you'll have a great time here.

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    Look for weekend specials. Most will be sapped up as soon as they are released.
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    thanks for the inputs guys

    will wait on their reply, inquired to some of the hotels

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    I think usually u get cheaper rates online as they always have online promotions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by precious.jas
    I think usually u get cheaper rates online as they always have online promotions...
    agreed!...for marriot, they guarantee that their online prices are the lowest, otherwise u get a refundn of the difference.

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    u can also try out those last minute deals e.g., another good site is

    hope this helps

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    i think online cheaper ...not sure whether you want to play it such that walk in and ask...not happy then book online there and then ...but i think online usu cheaper anyway safer to bk online first imho


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