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    My wedding rings. The flash was bounced onto the sofa itself where the rings were lying. No post processing done. C&C appreciated and what can be done in post processing.

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    the flower is drawing too much attention.

    you may,

    focusing on the rings only,
    make the ring real big,
    crop tight on flower,
    use a dark color flower,
    make the flower in shadow,

    btw, using real flower is always the best when doing close up.
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    Agreed with catchlights.

    Use real flower should be much better

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    Ring -- is tricky -- I am a jeweller .. and offen i have to take gems or jewllery photography ..

    Is tricky cos it offen fall into Marco photograhy range .. cos the subject is small .. -- taking away the already limited lighting you have .. sometime .. casting our own shadow on the subject ...

    Flash .. like you said bounce off object and damaging the result ...

    A pale or contrasting background help alot ..

    Well The flower is place there cos i assume you felt is too dull to just show the Ring .. i am assuming ..

    Fresh anot .. sometime is really depend on what we have while we take the shot .. especially on impulse .. so the next best thing alway happen to be in the shot cos we just can't find the best at the moment of the shot ..Commonly happen to photograher ..

    i would attach some ring photo of mine ..
    for your viewing ..

    Here some Ear stud ..

    My shot is for commercial use .. so i had a clean background ..

    for more expressional shot or personal shot .. is almost the same .. the subject . got to be in focus .. and you can take the

    Move in close --- if you want a background .. choose wisely and put the focus on the subject ... usually it want to show .. time . trust , love , lasting .. sometime .. before we take any shot .. is good that we try to find the related words for the feeling we want for our shot .. and then slowly digest those words we felt .. and express it out into frozen moment we capture ..

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