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Thread: Experience with Rollei SL2000 or SL2000F ?

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    Question Experience with Rollei SL2000 or SL2000F ?

    Hi everyone.

    I saw a cute, boxy 35mm Rollei camera on sale at one of the second hand shops at Peninsula area.

    It is shaped more like a medium format camera than a 35mm one.
    On the tag, it is written as Rollei SL2000 with 50mm f1.8 and grip for S$1280.

    May I know if anyone has any experience with this camera and it is worth getting it for the quality of that lens? Or should I stay clear of that and just use the new Carl Zeiss lenses for my G2?

    Any comments are most welcome. For a picture of that camera and some info on it see website below:

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    Stay away from it like the plague if one is intending on regular use, common problems include;

    1) intermittent power from NiMH battery pack (even when new)

    2) extremely unreliable film pack system, with an appetite for chewing up negatives

    3) accessories are rare and can be pricey

    Personally, I still have mine from years (at least 4 years) back, acquired it in HK for a paltry SGD$500 (complete with 3 Rolleinar lens, 35mm/50mm/135mm, pistol grip, 4 film packs and various accessories), its currently relegated to being a novelty item, taking its place in a display cabinet.

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    Thanks werx.

    I didn't know that this system is so cheap some where else.

    I also didn't expect Rollei systems to be plagued with problems.

    But I must admit that I was taken in by its killer looks. I think it has a very unique design.

    How is the quality of the lens and it exposure system?

    BTW, if you don't want yours I don't mind keeping it for display. Thanks for sharing friend.

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    Its was offers at a "great" discount as I purchased a M4-P as well from the same collector, nonetheless I too was attracted to it by its design and built.

    The Rolleinars are pretty decent lenses, very little is to be said about its exposure system besides it being erratic.

    I have to disappoint you, but I collect photographic equipment, and the its place in the display cabinet would be hard to replace.


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