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Thread: Advice on Pentax Trigger setting

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    I was at the National Day Parade First Full Dress Rehearsal today.
    The show was generally very dark with subdued light used most of the time.
    I found myself trying to take some photos and the camera simply refused to take the shot!

    The first case was when the jets were zooming past. I pressed the shuttter and it simply refused to focus lock and take the shot. It happened again during the fireworks display. I had to press many times before 1 shot was finally taken. The rest of the shots taken during the day were ok. My friend who also has a dslr ( "c" brand) had no problem with his. I was set to auto pic mode.

    Anyone can advise if I had the wrong setting?
    Also, I tried my hands at multiple shots but the time between shots were 2 sec long! How can I make to take shots at rapid rate?

    Anyone can help?
    Thanks in advance

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    In Single AF mode, the shutter will not release unless focus lock is achieved. You will need to change to Continuous AF in the Menu or switch to Sports mode to release shutter at any time.

    AF systems require subjects to be of sufficient brightness and contrast to auofocus. For the jets, you could try focusing manually at infinity. For the low level fireworks, use focus lock on a nearby stadium light towers instead.

    For multiple shots, use continuous shooting mode, which allows 2.8fps up to 5 frames. Noise reduction and speed of card may have an effect.

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    Thanks Oh.
    Looks like there are too many settings to care about for too many situations.
    Nonetheless, I will try to learn these slowly but surely!


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